Parshevitsa hut
Situated in the Kalichna Bara site in the Beglich divide of the Vratsa mountain. It is a massive two-storey building with the capacity to accomodate 53 people. The building has a running water-supply laid on and electricity. It is being heated with electrical heaters and solid fuel. Te building has a restaurant and a refreshment centre.
How to get there: You can reach the hut driving on a asphalt road from the town of Vratsa ( 25 km.)
Neighboring places of interest:
- Ledenika Hut – 2 hours
- Ledenika Cave – 2 hours
- The White Water - Byalata voda Hut ( via Druzhevo ) – 7 hours
- Okolchitsa Hut – 4 hours
- Proboynitsa Hut – 6 hours
0878/ 103870; 0894/ 206690


Ledenika hut
Situated in the “Ledenishka hollow” in the Stresherski divide of the mountain. It is a massive three-storey building with the capacity to accommodate 86 people. It has private bathrooms and toilets as well as floor bathrooms and toilets. It has a local heating system. The hut has at its disposal a restaurant, a dining room and a refreshment bar.
How to get there:
There is an asphalt road leading to the hut. There is a good possibility for parking outside the hut.
Traveling distance: from Vratsa – 16 km. (2 hours and a half on a marked trail )
Neighboring places of interest:
- Ledenika Cave – 10 minutes
- Parshevitsa hut – 11 km. on an asphalt road ( 2 hours and a half on foot)
GSM: 0888 792 279, 0896 766 144
Telephone: 092/ 620 413
Fax: 092/ 665 475

Forest home – a base belonging to DPP “Vrachanski Balkan”
The hut is not operating at the moment. The base is situated in the Beglichki divide of the Vratsa Balkan on the road to Parshevitsa and is being maintained and used by the park administration. In the area there is a vacation complex and cottages.
How to get there:
- by an asphalt road to Parshevitsa hut from the town of Vratsa – 21 km.
Neighboring places of interest:
- Parshevitsa hut – 1 hour and 30 minutes
- Ledenika hut – 3 hours
- Ledenika cave – 3 hours
In the immediate proximity to the base start the interpretative rout “The forest trail of the fairy tales” and the educational route “In the world of ecology”.
DPP “Vrachanski Balkan”
Telephone: 092/ 66 58 49