Enviromental and Information Center "Natura"

The Environmental Centre “Natura”, attached to DPP “Vrachanski Balkan” was opened on December 16th 2008. The centre is located in the old Eski mosque in the town which is declared for a cultural monument. In the building there are two exhibition halls, a seminar hall and an information centre.

The Center provides information for:

  • Protected areas and zones on the territory of Vrachanski Balkan.
  • Ecotrails and educational routes.
  • Places for accommodation and entertainment
  • Dealer aids and souveniers

The centre organizes:

  • Trainings and seminars
  • Realization of educational programs, workshops with children and students on environment-keeping-related topics
  • Holding events and campaigns on environmentalist topics
  • Providing professional guides
  • Training in horse-riding
  • An aerial ride with a motor hang glider

Office hours:
Every day: 9. 00 a.m. – 5 p. m.


Address: Vratsa, “Pop Sava Katrafilov” 27-29 Str.
Telephone: 00359 92/ 66 03 18