Ledenika cave

Ledenika cave is one of the most beautiful and visited cave in Bulgaria.

It is situated in the Nortwest part of the Stresherski Balkan in the Vratsa Mountain, 16 km from the town of Vratsa. The cave was opened for tourists for the first time in 1961. In 1962 it was proclaimed for a natural landmark.
The temperature in the cave varies from –7oC to –15oC (in winter in the Antechamber) and to 8oC in the inner parts. The moisture of the air is 92%.

In winter and spring the cave is enchanting with its crystal icicle decoration. That gave the name of the cave.

The animal variety can not be reach: bats, cave beetles, wood lice, little spiders. You can see only here the insect “Ledenikus” or “Lighthater”. You can’t see many plants here, just lichen and moss.
The Ledenuka cave is opened all the year round and there are guides who can take you there.

The most famous part of the cave is the Concert Chamber. Here everything is majestic and unique. You can see the Crocodile, the Giant’s Head, the Falcon, Father Christmas, the house of the Witch Yaga and many others forms.
Here you will see the "Magic lake" - a little Sinter Lake with depth 50 centimetres and which is believed that makes true your wishes.

The cave is one of the 100 National tourist sites of Bulgaria.

Since 6th of March 2010 Vratsa Municipality is responsible for management of Ledenica cave!
For further information (working time, tickets, ect) please call : +359 889 616 614 or 0+359 878 225 910.